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Insights from Adams-Mercer on Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Fil Adams-Mercer can be considered a serial entrepreneur. Adams-Mercer has had a string of successful businesses, from video stores and tech to the most recent – Naples-based Rivi Gin.

Adams-Mercer grew up modestly. He left school at 15 and began working; his story is as incredible as he is.

“People think everything I touch turns to gold. But I’m no different than anybody else.”

Along the way, he learned valuable lessons about life and people.

Fil emphasizes the importance of looking people in the eye, especially when making tough decisions, Like terminating employees. He urges leaders to see the human side of their team members, recognizing their struggles and aspirations.

Additionally, Adams-Mercer encourages action and decisiveness in pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. He uses a simple exercise of stepping over a line drawn with duct tape to symbolize overcoming mental barriers. He emphasizes that the obstacles holding people back are often self-imposed, and success comes from deciding to act and follow through on ideas.

To read all of Fil Adams-Mercer’s advice, check out his full article in Gulfshore Business – ‘Fil Adams-Mercer’s Unconventional Path to Success.’