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Gold Winner


A refreshing new world style GIN created with natural honey produced on the distillery farm by Lancashire honey bees, and infused with fresh raspberry’s. RIVI Raspberry Honey Gin is refreshing and sweet spirit.

Silver Winner


Summer of 2021 saw the Launch of RIVI Pomelo Grapefruit out much anticipated second expression to the US Market and the state of Florida. The Gin is over three years in the making with tons of experimenting and tweaks along the way. The real point of differences for RIVI versus the market is creating Flavoured gin with out the use of syrups, synthetics or sugars. This has been our approach with both of our expressions, and we continued that momentum with this expression.

The distillery team have blended three different distillations of grapefruit (Dried, Fresh and our own grapefruit oil) along with a juniper heavy dry gin base to give an explosion of grapefruit with every sip or gulp. A great after dinner cleanser to be enjoyed with friends at the bar or one to sip on the beach or pool on a hot summer day.