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Sustainably Crafted: Rivi Gin

Where Nature, Bees, and Quality Come Together

In a world where sustainability has become a buzzword, we at Rivi Gin hope to be a shining example of a brand that takes its environmental commitment seriously. Beyond crafting exquisite spirits, we at Rivi Gin have embarked on a journey to redefine what it means to be a sustainable distillery. With a flourishing apiary on the estate, botanicals grown on-site, and access to pristine natural spring water, Rivi Gin has adopted practices that produce high-quality gin and dramatically reduce our carbon footprint. This commitment to eco-friendly practices is supported through our ongoing partnership with Bees for Development, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting beekeeping initiatives that empower communities while safeguarding our planet.

Let’s explore how Rivi Gin’s approach to sustainability is positively impacting both the environment and the lives of communities worldwide.

Cultivating a Buzzing Haven for Bees on the Distillery’s Estate

The Crucial Role of Bees

Bees, whose importance is often overlooked in our ecosystem, play a vital role in helping all of our plants grow. Their pollination services ensure the survival of millions of plant species, including those that provide us with delicious fruits and flavorful botanicals essential for crafting exceptional gin. The very heart of our gin, the juniper, is nurtured alongside other exquisite botanicals like coriander, angelica, basil, rosemary, lime, cinnamon, olives, and cardamom. These ingredients are not just cultivated; they’re cherished and celebrated.

To learn more about Rivi Gin’s unique botanicals, click here .

At Rivi Gin, we understand the invaluable contribution of bees and aim to promote their well-being by supporting the mission of Bees for Development.

Bees for Development Partnership

Our journey towards sustainability begins with a remarkable partnership with Bees for Development, a non-profit organization that shares our passion for environmental conservation and community empowerment. We hope that this partnership signifies the strength of our dedication to supporting initiatives that contribute to the well-being of our planet. Bees for Development focuses on beekeeping as a livelihood, helping communities build sustainable futures, all while safeguarding our fragile environment.

For every bottle of Rivi Raspberry Honey Flavored Gin that is sold, a portion of that sale will go towards supporting Bees For Development. Forever. We’ll drink to that!

Zero Carbon Footprint through On-Site Sourcing

On-Site Apiary

One of the standout features of Rivi Gin’s commitment to sustainability is our thriving apiary right on its estate. This apiary provides a haven for bees and an abundant natural, unpolluted honey source. By sourcing honey directly from this apiary, Rivi Gin eliminates the need for any sort of transportation, reducing our carbon footprint significantly. Additionally, by supporting local bee populations, they contribute to preserving the regional ecosystem.

Estate-Grown Botanicals

At Rivi Gin, we cultivate 70% of our botanicals on the estate. This practice ensures the freshest ingredients, and thus, flavors, and reduces the environmental impact associated with sourcing botanical ingredients from far away. With on-site botanicals, the need for transportation and related emissions is significantly minimized.

Pristine Natural Spring Water

Rivi Gin is uniquely blessed with a source of pristine natural spring water on their estate. This pure water source enhances the quality and flavor of their gin and eliminates the environmental toll of transporting water from distant sources. This commitment to responsible water usage is another way we at Rivi Gin lower our carbon footprint..

Rivi Gin is not just a brand; it’s a movement toward sustainable and responsible distillation. Through our partnership with Bees for Development, our flourishing apiary, on-site botanicals, and access to pristine natural spring water, we at Rivi Gin hope to set a commendable example for the industry. We are here to prove that it is possible to create world-class spirits while being environmentally conscious. So, when you savor a sip of Rivi Gin, you’re not only enjoying a stellar drink but are also contributing to the betterment of our planet and the well-being of communities worldwide. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and together, we can create a world where humans, bees, and our planet flourish harmoniously for generations to come—cheers to sustainability and making a difference – one bottle at a time.