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Bartender’s Guide to the Botanicals in Rivi Gin Original, Our London Dry Gin:

Botanicals are essential in Rivi Gin production, as they impart its distinctive flavors and aromas. Typically including juniper berries and a variety of herbs, spices, and citrus peels, botanicals provide complexity and depth to Rivi Gin, making it a versatile spirit with a wide range of flavor profiles and contributing to its appeal in cocktails and as a standalone drink.

While Rivi Gin follows the core fundamentals of Gin production, our symphony of botanicals puts it in a class of its own.


1. Juniper

The juniper berry infuses Rivi Gin with a distinct essence, imparting piney and resinous notes alongside subtle hints of citrus and earthiness. However, the Juniper is not overpowering in Rivi gin as it is in most other gins.


Coriander seeds actively contribute subtle spiciness and citrus, elevating the overall flavor profile with their fragrant, slightly floral qualities.


Angelica root actively imparts deep complexity to Rivi Gin, boasting earthy and herbal characteristics that underpin the spirit’s depth.


Basil adds an aromatic twist to Rivi Gin with its fresh, herbaceous notes and a hint of peppery spice that awakens the palate.


Rosemary actively contributes to Rivi Gin’s flavor profile with its fragrant, savory qualities, adding a pine-like aroma and enhancing the spirit with herbal and woody undertones.

6. Grapefruit

The infusion of grapefruit peel brightens the flavor of Rivi Gin with its zesty, lively citrus essence, enriching the spirit with a touch of refreshing bitterness.


Incorporating lime zest into Rivi Gin brings forth a lively burst of tangy, zesty citrus, creating a refreshing, invigorating dimension.


Cinnamon in Rivi Gin actively imparts a warm, aromatic complexity, blending sweet and spicy undertones that wrap the senses in comfort.


Olives introduce a hint of brininess to Rivi Gin, enhancing its character with a unique Mediterranean twist, particularly enhancing classic cocktails like the Martini.


The addition of cardamom pods to Rivi Gin actively introduces fragrant, slightly sweet spices with hints of citrus and herbal nuances, adding layers of complexity to the spirit.